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Adele’s scalloped sweaters and deceptively demure floral dresses are beautiful, but Hewson has her beat in the style department. Whether she’s appearing on The Tonight Show in a little black jacket, as she did back in February, or doing Zoom interviews in Loewe ruffles, Hewson keeps her fashions playful and modern. A self-described “Chanel addict,” her tastes are in line with Viard’s youthful aesthetic. “I would tune in from anywhere in the world to watch a Chanel show,” says Hewson. “I feel so honored they asked me back.” Having taken in Karl Lagerfeld designed Paris-Salzburg Métiers d’Art show back in 2015 and attended several Coco-centric events, Hewson felt a twinge of nostalgia while tuning in. “I do miss seeing the detail of each piece in person,” she says. “There’s nothing like a live show.”

Cowboy Texas Tech Guns Up Shirt

To get into the event’s spirit, she dressed up in—what else?—Chanel. Stylist Kate Young pulled out an intricately detailed tweed jacket and skirt combo that made for a cozy power-suit. Drawn to the aprés ski-influenced pieces that dominated Viard’s fall lineup, Hewson wouldn’t mind wearing a pair of double-c embroidered jeans or the sleek embroidered jumpsuit covered in the Camellia pattern. Though she’s still crafting her fall wishlist, what Hewson is most excited about is the chance to see it all person. “The music. The atmosphere. The people. I miss it all,” she says. “[But] we’ll be back there someday.”

Cowboy Texas Tech Guns Up Shirt hoodie trang

As the star of Netflix’s latest binge-watch, Eve Hewson likely has graced your screen. Behind Her Eyes, the unpredictable psychological thriller based on Sarah Pinborough’s best-selling novel, gives the Irish actor every opportunity to show off her thespian skills as her character, Adele, navigates an intrigue that involves everything from affairs to astral projection. A wild-ride that currently sits atop the streaming platform’s most-watched list, it was a joy for Hewson to create. “I had no idea what I was getting into signing up for this show, but I enjoyed every second of playing Adele,” says Hewson. “She’s all about drama. And a Netflix fashion icon, if I do say so myself.” 

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